Michigan Map Jigsaw Puzzle with Rivers and Streams

Thanks to @timtsuga’s great and detailed layers of map files, I was able to add rivers and streams to a Michigan map wooden jigsaw puzzle I’ve worked on off and on this year! This is just a prototype on draft board, but I’ll do the finished out of maple plywood or maple hardwood. Loved using the Draft Score setting-- worked great for the rivers and streams. And, this is just the Lower Peninsula-- the Upper Peninsula is in the works. Takes a bit to manually adjust the puzzle piece shapes of something like this with such an irregular boundary so that the edge pieces are still of decent dimension. Downside to an accurate border is that I am pretty sure the Old Mission Peninsula will break off right away, and not much I can do about it at this scale (map is 7 inches tall). I’m also a big fan of trains, so I may do another version instead scoring the railroad routes in the state (sadly mostly not passenger RR) instead of rivers & streams.


Marvelous job you did on it! Should look great in one of the plywoods as well.


Very nice! The maps add an extra level of difficulty.


Gorgeous!!! And also amazing is that Amanda did not download the data until around mid-night her time last night!!! She is very good with vector software or stayed up all night! :slight_smile:


Nicely done.


Looks great! Maps are always cool.

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I have been getting better and better since my Glowforge arrived in March-- though still not a pro. Love these files!!

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Here is a similar map (no puzzle) I made from Tim’s Massachusetts map.

Can’t decide whether I like the fact that the streams pass through the lakes and reservoirs. See the Swift River, for example, passing through Quabbin Reservoir.


Cool! I didn’t include the inland lakes-- because we have so many in parts of the state that it would have just been too busy… But I may try one with that layer on as well just to see. Interesting re: the streams passing through.

Did you use the Score function to do them (I did), versus Engrave?

I scored the streams and engraved the inland water.

Pretty cool. Although you should have engraved the towns on the bottom of the Quabbin… :grinning:

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