Mickey Ears Custom Design



@marmak3261 where do you usually collect your cardboard from?


You can also get veneers of many types of exotic woods and have the same as you have with the MDF centered plywood, only there would be 3 or 5 layers of actual strong wood instead of the MDF.


We got a new HVAC unit two months ago at work for one of the offices. It had a big box with some excellent flat cardboard, so I nabbed that. I keep an eye out for it all the time. Boxes that photocopy paper comes in iare very good. The top is a good flat sheet and the sides, while not too tall are good and straight generally with no creases. Anything that has a flat surface area bigger than a 10x15 sheet is what I look out for. Then I use the hold down pins or strong magnets to ensure flatness.


Just to update, she was beyond ecstatic about them, and they slipped on her head perfectly without anything breaking, so we can put this one in the success column!




Awesome. Post pics when you get back from Disney!!!