Microbit Enclosure - Learn Programming within 10 Minutes!


Here’s a quick one.

Want to learn programming within 10 minutes? Try Scratch, with Micro Bit:

Here’s an enclosure for a microbit.

You’ll need:
4x M3 nuts
4x M3 x 12mm screws




How did I not know about these? I mean I know they are meant for kids but I’m just a kid with lots of extra experience. These might be easier than an Arduino for some types of projects.

Oh, and thanx for the case.


More to learn. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for sharing… I’ve heard of microbit, but never played with one. Maybe it’s time!


Thanks for the file and the info.


Super fun!


SO much easier than Arduino. I was able to make it dance and flash within 5 minutes! (You can too!)


THis looks like fun! Just ordered one! Another hobby!