Microphone Shock Mount

Another use in the studio.

I received two new microphones that come with hard clip mounts only so I decided to try making some shock mounts. In my research I found many commercial designs for pencil condenser microphones that use the shock cords only to hold the microphone in place. The microphone body is slipped between the crossed shock cords. The issues I see are that the microphone can easily slip out and they have a tendency to sag.

This design incorporates an inner collar that holds the microphone body securely. The shock cords attach to the collar itself. Hopefully this will prevent the microphone from falling out and keep it from sagging.


Looks great! Have you put it to the test? Eliminating noise as you’d expect from a commercial mount?

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Clever! :grinning:


I did a quick test. The mount it came with transmits a fair amount of noise and rumble. In the shock mount I can tap on the microphone stand with no perceptible noise making it into the capsule. So it does it’s job. I still need to place it in front of a musician for the ultimate test.


That is super awesome and practical! On another note if anybody now asks me the colour of the wood you used in that project I can reply with “Rubber band colour”.


Yes it is rubber band colored. I tend to fall on the practical side and didn’t worry about making it pretty. After I live with it for a bit I’ll see what needs to be changed and cut the next one out of Maple ply or BB and finish it.

The rubber bands will be replaced with more suitable elastic bands as soon as I can find some the correct length or figure out how to make my own. Does anyone know how to bind thin elastic cord? Thicker stuff is done with hogrings but I don’t see that working here.

Wow! I’m really curious. I didn’t know you could use wood for this type of thing.

That’s great. What else could one ask?!

Stick with the rubber bands I dig them!