Military Badges

In January, 1986 I completed French Command School, one of the toughest courses I attended during my twenty-years in the army. On the left is the French Command badge, the right is the Special Forces badge. I included the ruler to give everyone the idea of the size of these items.


Well executed. How did you attach the layers?


Tres bien! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tightbond III - it is ‘translucent’ so it is clear when it dries.


Ce sont magnifiques!

Nice first post! They look great! Welcome to the forum!

Outstanding job on that! All your associates will be wanting one as well, of course.

Nicely done!

great detail!!!

Had to think for a while: Training does not equal entertainment, but they seem pretty close in French context! I had lots of ideas flitting through my mind at first glance.

Neat mementos of your work and service. If it is anything like the SEAL training here, you are quite the guy.

Welcome good work on these pieces.