Milled Veg-Tan Shoulder - Exotic print

Hi Makers!
I just purchased Milled Veg-Tan Shoulder - Exotic boa print from TANDY. Embossed Veg-Tan Single Shoulder — Tandy Leather, Inc.
Does anybody have experience with cutting it? I’m a little hesitant because of the 3d texture this leather has. Will it work?


Check out #2 and #6.

Also a pic of this leather is necessary :slight_smile:


Yeah what @evansd2 said - you’re going to want to run a test to get it just right, but start with the PG leather settings as a guideline. I would definitely mask the bottom since you’re likely to have to power it up slightly to get through the fatter parts - which means you’ll end up with more flashback at the thinner parts. Masking will save you the cleaning! Cut it patterned side up.

Thanks for the info. Now dealing with a new problem. GF doesn’t want to cut through PG material anymore.

You got a support ticket going yet?

I like email, myself. I find that threads in P&S can get too cluttered with “helpful” people.

If you go back up to the post I referred you to, #5 covers troubleshooting with cuts. Good luck!

Yes, I agree! I already contacted GF help.
Fingers crossed! Meanwhile, I’m running your material test in order to see if there is a work-around until the problem is fixed. Thanks, btw, for sharing the test!

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I like your choice of leather. The croc looks good too

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