Minecraft Creeper Toy

My kids still love Minecraft, so I made an attempt at a little to-scale creeper toy.

It’s a few layers of plywood glued together, and some little thin brass rods as connectors on the joints.

I need to make some small adjustments to the feet joints to make them move a bit better, and I might think about sanding the edges to avoid the stripes of burnt wood on the side… but I’m still pretty happy with how it came out :smiley:

Follow on to one of my very first cuts:


How cute! I like the sword the best though!


That is awesome!

My kids still love Minecraft too (well, I do too, just don’t have as much time to play it).


Nice creeper! My kid loves minecraft, too. It is like pulling teeth getting him off the device. He also like minecraft videos. Can’t really see the appeal, but…kids these days!


Very cute! Wish I had the Glowforge when our kids were young … Fortunately we have grandchildren now.

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