Mini Catapult Based on Designs by Leonardo da Vinci


Came across this little catapult. While it may not be laser cut, it could definitely be!!! Thought it was a little unique.


I think there’s a lot of da Vinci mechanisms I’m going to have to build


Definitely. :smiley:


It’s not LdV, but this is one of my works in progress. I’ve learned a lot in the process of making this one, so it’s getting scrapped and I’ll be starting over, but I really like the look.


I have admired LD’V and his inventions since 3rd grade. Many of his inventions lend themselves to scale models that could be made on the GF.

Hey @tacticalmatt isn’t that a model trebuchet? - Rich


It sure is! I saw “catapult”, and figured “close enough”.


something like this was on my to-do list, just to test my design (drawing) abilities.


There is an elegance in the simplicity of the design of most weapons of war/siege.


I will definitely be building an arsenal of various Glowforged weapons :wink: This Catapult, A Trebuchet, a Ballista, Rubber Band Guns. a Battering Ram, and anything else I can figure out between now and ForgeDay. I hope to have enough someday to take on the highly fortified Lego defenses of my Son. Of corse he will have all the same types of weapons :smile: I am sure that my Daughters and Wife will wind up taking sides as well.


One of my favorite tabletop games as a kid was Crossbows and Catapults, trying to knock over flags on your opponent’s castle after destroying their defending wall. I’m definitely going to build a set on the Forge.


I was teaching a basic laser class Monday and showing some stuff I’ve done. One was a trebuchet. The guys in the class said “Oooo” and the ladies were more “neat”.

I pointed out that no man-toy is truly broken in until it’s been used to make a desktop weapon :grinning:

(Anyone notice one of Dan’s first videos featured a flying gun platform? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Ever notice little kids playing…little boys will make a toy gun out of almost anything, whereas little girls have no interest in such things (even with no social/environmental conditioning). - Rich


funny you mention that. my parents said I was never too interested in guns growing up, I always wanted to make buildings. when I got old enough to use a hammer I spent a large amount of time making treehouses and fortresses in the woods


Ditto! But my favorite toy was a machine gun that was modeled after the one on the TV show Combat. - Rich


Yes, we are territorial predators by nature. Saw a mother take a plastic gun away from her little boy, and he picked up a stick and went on making machine gun noises…

@takitus, I was the same. I probably spent as much time up in a tree as I did on the ground! Woods have always been a refuge for me. If I had to describe the feeling, I would say I commune with trees.


Yes! When I wanted to get away, I would retreat into the woods behind our house and lay down on a grassy knoll. I could look up at a flowering tree and watch a hummingbird work the flowers…talk about therapy. - Rich


Most definitely. Every time I am in California I try to spend a couple of hours in the redwood forest. It’s one of my favorite places on the earth. If only I could build a network of tree houses there…


My wife is an elementary school teacher. Political correctness has gone to the point children are reprimanded if they use any toy and act like it’s a gun. Take their toys away and they still have their fingers. She raised two boys so it doesn’t bother her in the least, as long as a child’s behavior isn’t threatening or some type of bullying. Makes me feel old, though, instead of cowboys and indians, or even Yankees and Russians, it’s cops and gangsta’s. I guess every generation has their own way.


Oh Man! Never Never Land.
On Roatan, a bay island of Honduras, the Dive resort was on a mountainside and there were catwalks in the trees with decks connecting buildings. Tarzan fantasy come true. Felt like a kid walking around there.
Up in the Redwoods, like the Forrest Moon of Endor.


My dad was a redwood carver in NoCal. I grew up playing in those tall trees and combing the banks of the creeks for burl for his carving. Despite living in WA for the past 20 years, those redwood forests make me feel more at home than anywhere else in the world.