Mini electric guitar

Someone posted a mini acoustic guitar a while back. I made an electric version…Electric%20guitar


Thanks! I’m totally gonna make like ten of these right away.

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Haha. Glad you liked it.

Rock on! Thanks.

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Nice!!! I’ve been thinking of designing an electric guitar to put next to the acoustic one - thanks for saving me the trouble! :crazy_face: You did an outstanding job! And thanks for sharing.


You’re most welcome. And thank you for the acoustic version.

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Very cute, and thanks for sharing the file! I’m thinking this should be in the Free Laser Designs category—would you like me to move it there for you?

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Yes please.

Thank You for the file contribution.

Being fairly new to this is there a reason people upload just the picture instead of
just zipping and uploading the actual SVG file.
I know how to convert them in Inkscape but it just seems easier the upload the converted file.

That is the actual SVG file.


Oh ok, then I’m confused why it needs to be converted or fixed to work in GF like the author is explaining to do.

Sorry I’m just trying to learn all this stuff.

Nothing needs to be converted or fixed. The text is telling you what settings to assign to each part in the UI (there is no file format that tells the UI what to do with each object).


I have another one here, a mandolin. Not sure if it is going to load correctly however.Mandolin01

Yes what eflyguy said is correct. Sorry for the confusion.

Lol… it’s there - next to the . at the end, and about the same size. VERY small, but saves and opens just fine!

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Yeah I knew it was there but don’t understand why it came out so small haha.
I’m going to try another edit and see if I can correct it. Thanks for getting back to me.

Just zip it and post that.

This turned out sweet. I beefed up the tuning pegs because they were breaking off in the wooden tests I did.


Nice. Yes they are pretty tiny. Good job.

Really nice job! Thank you!