Mini iPad

I have a Mac desktop in a different room than the GF and was thinking of getting an iPad mini so I can have it in the same room with GF, good idea or not?

To what end?

My laptop is in my living room, my GF is in my workshop. I have an iPad (and other laptops), I’ve never felt the need to fire one up.

Nice thing is, usually after I hit PRINT in the UI, the button is flashing by the time I get to the machine.


I like having my ipad in the GF room to keep me entertained during long jobs :slight_smile: But I do most of my work from one of my computers. If you wanted to set up a bunch of jobs from your computer and then be able to send them to print from a portable device - try your using your phone first before you buy the mini to see if you like that workflow. (If you’re serious about buying an new iPad to use with GF you might want to look at at least the newer Air that can use the Pencil so you can do some design work, too)


I used my iMac desktop machine to do all of my work and walk back to my studio to hit the button and stay while my project finishes. I’m very fond of using my big screen for designing. I have a TV and my laptop in the studio to keep me occupied while I keep an eye on my project in the works. It also gives me some much needed exercise going between the rooms. :wink:


Thanks, you just saved me some money, I’ll stick with Mac.

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I’ll keep the Mac and get exercise at the same time. Thanks.


Thanks. My Mac is spared and I can watch the GF do it’s magic.

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I have my desktop downstairs in our living area and another desktop in the room with my GF. This way i can work on another project and be right next to the GF in case of fire while it’s printing. And, be with the family designing when it’s not:-)

I have decided to keep using my Mac and enjoying the back and forth walk. Thanks for your time.

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