Mini Maker Faire Seattle tickets for you - respond by midnight 9/13!

Hello & happy Monday!

As some of you may have guessed, Glowforge will be exhibiting at Mini Maker Faire Seattle, at EMP Museum, THIS WEEKEND! The Faire is on Saturday 10/17 & Sunday 10/18 from 10 am - 5 pm each day. Bonus: @dan & @Shell will be doing a presentation at 1 pm on Saturday at the JBL theatre that you don’t want to miss.

We want to see you there! We want to see you there so much, in fact, that we got our hands on some tickets just for you! If you’re in the Seattle area this weekend and want tickets, please take a minute to fill out this form by midnight this tomorrow (Tuesday 9/13) and I’ll email you on Wednesday 9/14 with the tickets if you’ve been chosen!

Please note, the tickets we have are good for Saturday 9/17 only. You can buy additional tickets here:

Can’t wait to meet some more of you in person!


Aww man I wish. How much for a last minute plane ride? … yep too much lol


My thoughts exactly!!


So this excuse actually flashed in my mind when I read this post… I’m the worse friend ever for even thinking it haha

“So um… I can’t be at your wedding or in the bridal party this Saturday because I’m going to Mini Maker Faire in Seattle to see my future laser which I am dying to have and get my hands on… super sorry, it’s not you, it’s me… I don’t have my priorities straight…”


You can laser a nice apology on the Glowforge at the faire! :wink:


oh, similar to the ones i need to make for my friends and family: “sorry I couldn’t afford to get you anything this year - don’t worry super cool lasered gifts coming soon!”


Yes I could and she’ll probably staple it to my forehead! hahaha


Woo! Free tickets to defray the cost of the 150 mile drive from Portland! Wait… Saturday only? :confused: But I can only go on Sunday.

Oh well, still looking forward to seeing you all and the Glowforge itself!


Argh! I just bought my tickets a few days ago. Ah well, I’m glad that some other folks will get a chance to go! Any plans for a customer meetup?


I was just on the verge of ordering my tickets when I saw this post! Lets hope that fate strikes twice!!!

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Thanks everyone who submitted! I’ll be in touch today with your tickets. :slight_smile:


So I did end up trying the excuse with my friend just to see her reaction. This was her response:

This is your priority list:

-Give a toast that is entertaining, with minimal embarrassment

-Wear whatever ugly, ridiculous dress I choose for you without complaints.

-Assist with bathroom breaks when duty calls.

-Make sure my husband-to-be makes it to the alter…on time…sober.

-Avert bridal breakdown by lending a hand to any and all DIY items.

-Hit the dance floor with ass-shaking enthusiasm!

-No ugly cry and make sure I cry pretty


I like your friend. :slight_smile:


She’s pretty funny! :grin:

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Wahoo! Thanks for the tickets @bailey!!! Can’t wait to check out the Forge crew on Saturday!!!

I won’t be at maker faire because I signed up to participate in this:

But if any of you are looking for something to do in Seattle on Sat. night after the faire here will be a public exhibit/party with the results of our 48 hour art hacking.
Hope to see some of you there!


Is it open yet? Can I go in now?!?