Mini Maui Hook

So one of my youth group students wants to make a mini Maui hook for a necklace. So this my prototype. I scored the out line on 1/4" tiger wood. Cut it on a scroll saw and then put it back in the forge for engraving. Will post his on her when we make it for real.

reference images


Kewl! :grinning:

Never heard of a Maui hook but it looks like you nailed it!

did you mean “hooked” it?

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Question for you, How thick do you need the hook to be? I have two ideas for you that may help depending on thickness. First if it only needs to be a 1/4 inch just cut the hook out on the glowforge, then take it out and sand the sharp corners off and then put back in machine for engrave. Second if need it thicker, cut out two, three, four, ect. of the 1/4 inch hooks depending on thickness. Glue them together, sand corners down again put back in with out tray and engrave. That way you save some time and don’t have to cut on a scroll saw. I might actually try this as well, would be a fun project.

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I made a couple attempts to cut through the 1/4 inch piece, but i never got deeper than a scoring. I use this wood for knife scales and turning. Its incredibly dense. I could defiantly switch to something less dense and do it all in the forge. I am considering swapping it out for something engineered so i can get a pure white look because its supposed to be bone.

Your a hundred present right there is a way to do this all in the forge, but in my case since its a lesson for one of my students and the bulk of the forge work is me making the file the other tools make it his project. If you come up with a good wood/settings combo to cut 1/2 then I would love it if you post it back here. I will definatly try it.

I bought mine from wood craft but this is the stuff: tiger wood