Mini musical instruments: the whole band!

Thanks for doing a roundup! Now I need to make more for sure… :musical_note:


What would be really cool is if we agreed on a scale and all of them were designed to it. But hey free designs are free designs, I’m not complaining.


I’m working on a mini cello! I’ll be sure to post when I finish. Thanks for gathering up all the links.


Make your first post a Wiki, then we can add the new ones. There’s already a banjo.


Working on a harp!


I was going to but didn’t see where you set that up.

Ah there it is. You don’t set it up when you write it initially, it’s a setting later.

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Fingers crossed that someone makes a mini ukulele…I’d love to make a few of those for my music therapist friend Betsey…

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This is part ukulele if you wanted to modify: Thank Uke! Ukelele thank you pencil holder


Someone was talking about sizes - these are all of them sized to each other using a 1" to 1cm scale…

Turns out the GFUI can totally handle the full thing - you just need to shrink it to whatever size you want

There were definitely colour issues (multiple instruments have the same colour for different operations) - I’ve edited so everything is green = engrave, red = cut, black = score


*I had already removed the added pieces that @arh2 made so you could make these into hanging items…sorry!

**I had NO idea clarinets came that big!!!


Cm? Did you mean mm?

Nope cm, as in - the guitar is 40cm long when it should be 40inches - the contrabass clarinet is 106cm!

Isn’t that harp short? I always thought they were really big?

A standard floor harp runs between 40"-57" so I did 50" to kind of split the difference. The celtic harp is a lap harp, so only ~28"

Concert harps are apparently 72 or so. Big things.

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and yet still smaller than that frickin’ clarinet! Seriously. no idea they came that big

Wow - that’s some research you did there @deirdrebeth! :smiley:

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You need a barrie sax. My 2nd son played one for about 8 or 9 years. Floor length and awesome sound.


Thank you so much for putting all of these in one place!!

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