Thank Uke! Ukelele thank you pencil holder

I created a thank you gift for a ukelele fanatic and thought someone else might find it useful. I printed the front and back pieces from thick maple ply and 4 middle pieces (1 with words and 3 without) from thick mdf. I glued them together and sanded bottom of ukelele so that it would sit flat. I used paint markers that bled a little but overall it’s not too bad.
Red=cut Blue=score and Black=engrave

ukelele pencil holder thank you.pdf (63.3 KB) ukelele%20pencil%20holder%20thank%20you


How delightful! Thanks for sharing the file, it’s so cute! :grinning:


Very cute - I know the recipient will be so pleased!


Another A+ share from the widely talented and interesting GlowForge owner team :sunglasses::glowforge:


Very nice, really like the color work on the flower!


This is adorable! Thanks for the share. :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing.

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One of my jam mates teaches Ukelele and started a local Ukelele club. Thought about making this for the club but see no reason to encourage bad behavior.


Cute! I like the flowers!

aw that’s adorable. Thank uke!

It’s so cute! Thanks for the share…

Thanks so much for your generous share!

Adorable! Thanks for the share

Looking at the side view (first pic) how did you do the sides?

Based on the design file just beneath the photos, the sides are just the edges of the stacked pieces. :slight_smile:

Ohhhh I see it now… haha. Thank you!!

Going to have to give this a try. I didn’t like my son’s baritone with the soprano uke; so got him a baritone and they are inseparable. (And today is his 24th BD)


Oh wow, this is so super awesome!!! Thank uke so much!

So friggin cute!