Mini test piece and my brain asploded with possibilities


I’m still trying to find a happy space for my laser to occupy, but playing with it in the meantime (of course) and I’m just blown away. I know lasers aren’t new by any means, but they’re new to me.


That’s… just incredible.

(goes to find a piece of wood in the garage… wondering whether that was oak or maple or what… Maple? Cherrry? Doesn’t matter, I want to play with all of it.)


Have you cleaned the char off already, or did it cut that cleanly?


It’s 1/8” walnut but anything should work.


Neat experiment! If it cut that clean, you had the settings nailed.


190 / Full power.

Source file:


This is right off the laser - no cleaning.


Thank you for that link, and settings! :sunglasses:


Really fun piece!


Ooooo…this is neat! Thanks for sharing!


Very nice, I love the ability to cut these complex shapes even if I have not quite figured out what to do with them.
If you have illustrator there is a simple one command way to make spirals of any size.

I played with it quite a bit when I first had a beta machine:


Custom made fidget toy… Move over spinners, you’re yesterday’s news!


Sweeet! :sunglasses: