Miniature paint roller?

I need a production tool for priming/undercoating my narrow, curved fan frames.

I’ve been using soft sable brushes with acrylics up to now, but with the cross-section of the frame typically 5/8" x 3/8", it’s pretty fiddly work, and requires a fair amount of time in smoothing down, to get a base for a ‘rub on’ gold top layer.

I’ve thought about a small spray set up, but have no real experience of it, and mainly concerned about over-spray in a small workspace.
Ditto, using foam or mohair brushes/pads, which I believe might give me a smoother coat.

I’ve also just thought of a miniature paint roller, having used full sized ones on walls, wondered if a roller about 1" wide and diameter might work.
Google so far has not produced a functioning one(only doll’s house models), so I thought what better place to seek advice than here.
Anyone tried and succeeded with this approach ?


Amazing !
You’ve turned the problem on its head, my favourite viewing angle. Must do more research.
John :upside_down_face:


If you search Amazon for brayer you’ll find all kinds of small ones in hard rubber or foam. I think they go as small as 2” wide or smaller.


For rollers, you can usually find at Lowe’s & Home Depot 1" wide rollers meant for “touch ups”. Much, much cheaper option than the machines set up for applying edge paint on leather (was pricing those recently as i do edge paint on my leather goods sometimes). Sticking with wool daubers for now (and maybe another option for your need–I found a huge lot of them on eBay, made by Tandy Co.–come in about 1/2" and 1" sizes–should be able to find at Tandy stores or any site or store with leather making supplies).

Thanks everyone.
Now fascinated by edge dying/painting from the leather workers, and ‘brayers’ for printing.
I’ll try not to get distracted from fans, otherwise SWMBO will have strong words to say !
Very tempted to try designing one that will coat all three faces at the same time !
John :upside_down_face:

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