Minimalist Wallet Revision

Looking for feedback on the design for this minimalist wallet. The stitching holes are a first attempt in Inkscape I am currently playing around with the pattern along path feature with mixed results, any suggestions are appreciated. I am planning on pigskin or cotton for the internal lining, using 2oz leather veg tan leather for the rest (it’s what I have on hand) The solo pocket is intended for the right side of the wallet. The stacked pockets are designed for the left. Next revision should have the stacked pockets tapered for space conservation.

Stitching holes are grouped and will be cut first

Cleaned up an artifact in one of the pockets
Wallet v3


Not bad on the design. Pattern along path can be difficult… If you get stuck with unsatisfactory arrangements, I’d probably use guides and then either clones or copies and the arrange/align tools. You could also try the create tiled clones feature, it allows for all kinds of custom spacing. It’s just really hard to get pattern along path to land just right.

If alignment of the holes is really important and you want it uniform, you might also experiment with adding nodes to the stitch path and manually snapping centers of your stitch holes to the nodes. Lots of ways to get there I think.


Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the share!!


Thanks, trying to keep the stitching lines from being 90% of the work effort. Also experimenting with grouping to make the printing a little less clunky


What have you been up to these past three years? Welcome back.


Work and Lurking, just had the need to update and decided to reshare the revision.

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finished product


Thanks, great stuff.

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If you’re using Inkscape, have you attempted changing the Stroke Style of the cut line to dashed, and then the Extension “Modify Path > Convert Dashes to Path”? It’s easy, quick, and I’ve had zero issues with curves and the like.
I do have my Inset/Outset set to .007" so they change by a kerf.

I have not tried that specific extension, I would use Pattern along Path and utilize a custom shape, I prefer oval to circles (usually). I will give the dashes a try when I correct the pockets. Thanks