Minimum length for vent hose?

Hey there,
I am finally able to vent outside, having moved to a new classroom. However, the hose is now too long for the space I have without creating a number of 90 degree turns. Before I cut it down to a better size, is there a minimum recommended length? Thank you community!!

The minimum recommended length IMHO would be zero.

obviously not practical. so failing that. as short as you can make it the better.

are you using an external fan?

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I am not using an external fan. Should I be? It is venting to outside behind our building.

Thank you!


#1 reason to use an external fan IMHO, it is so much quieter!! :slight_smile:


How does that work? Is it running outside? I’m not sure what it does/is.

Close to the exit window inside, the 4" ones are a bit underpowered, the 6-8 inch ones are great but need step downs.
This is how mine is setup…

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Where did you get yours?

I found this guys video really helpful when thinking about external fans.

I use the 6” AC Infinity inline fan he recommends (from Amazon).
This guy also sells a 4”->6” adapter to connect a 6” hose to the Glowforge.

The basic idea is you turn off the fan inside the Glowforge (by telling the GF that you’re using the external filter). And you use this external fan, which is much quieter, and I think more powerful… but I don’t have number to back that up.


Mine is pretty minimal, but I use it unless what I am cutting is especially smokey, then I just use both,


thank you for the help!

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Thank you for the help!

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