Miracles do exist!


My friends and family said it would be a miracle if I got my Glowforge.

Now I just have to wait for my Fiancé to get home from work :joy::joy:


Knock out a door hanger with the gf. Hand it on the door ‘do not disturb lasering with my new GF’. I’m sure that will thrill her /grin


He might have lots of time to laser with his new GF after that. :slight_smile:



He should let his girlfriend design a DOT NOT DISTURB - LASERING WITH MY BOYFRIEND sign :sunglasses:


So, win/win? :slight_smile:


Woo hoo!! Let the 'forging begin! :tada::tada:


No shipping damage so far. Fiancé came home sick and helped me move it before she went to sleep. I’m thinking about streaming some starter projects tonight on Twitch.

Still in the unpacking and marveling stage…


Show your forgiveness by engraving them a little something nice, with a micro “I told you So!” concealed in the design somewhere :sunglasses: They will eventually find it.


Well that was above & beyond. She’s a keeper :slight_smile:


Excited for you! Hope she’s feeling better … and you forge your way through the rest of the week!