Miraculous Ladybug! (Mask)

My wife and I picked up a costume for our little one this Halloween. She wanted to be Ladybug from Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and we got the smallest one we could find… but it was still too big. :frowning_face: And to top it off, the one part that did fit, the mask, our daughter had an allergic reaction to the fabric used. :scream:

Glowforge to the rescue! A bit of work in Illustrator, a bit of leather, some laser-ized photons, some sand paper, dye and sealer later, and we have a mask scaled to fit a bit better. Best of all, it looks nicer and is a lot more durable for after-Halloween costume fun!

The rest of the costume was re-made using red pajamas and another fun machine, a vinyl cutter, since iron-on vinyl is a big no-no for lasers.


Wow, very nice job.


I am so glad you were able to complete this project in spite of the focusing and errors issue. Maybe there will be photos to share of the costume in use around Halloween.


That’s adorable! Please please post a full costume shot when you’re all done :smiley:

I’m thinking in a few years some sequins and feathers makes that a perfect masquerade masque mask…of course depending on how much their face grows it may not fit :stuck_out_tongue:


Most standard-color heat-transfer vinyl (HTV) is actually polyurethane (not a concern with the laser), but a vinyl-cutter is still the fastest/most reliable way to cut it, if you have access to one.


What a special thing to make for your little one! I’m sure the costume will be great–and like others, I hope to see pics!


This is SO cute (and well-done)…I think I want one for myself, now… :smile:

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Oh gosh I would love to see your little one all dressed up - the mask is amazing!

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Looks exceptional. Halloween is a fun time of year.


Fantastic work! The design is really nice.