Mirror acrylic cut settings?

Hi! I’m having an issue cutting mirrored acrylic. For some reason it makes a burnt or scratch pattern in the acrylic after being cut as shown in the picture on the mirrored pink acrylic. I’m wondering if it has to do with my settings but I’m not sure what settings to use for this material. Any tips?


I have moved your post to the Beyond the Manual category as we can only discuss settings for non Proofgrade material in this section of the forum.

Your best bet is to read through the posts that others have shared regarding this material. Here are some places to start: Search results for 'mirror acrylic' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Are the parts mirror-face-down or face up when you cut them?

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Are you cleaning your acrylic with anything with alcohol in it? That can cause hazing/micro fractures.

I’m cutting them mirror side up but was wondering if you have to cut with it mirror side down to avoid the issue

Nope. Generally that sort of damage is because of overpowering the cut. It’s all in those threads that @dklgood referred you to. Rummage though those searches and you’ll find all you need.

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I don’t know if it matters, but I would not cut it with the reflective side facing the laser. Because: reflective side.

I have cut some mirror acrylic, engraved with some words on the reverse side. Came out just fine. None of the defects like you have.

Reflectivity is highly dependent on wavelength. Per Glowforge, mirrored acrylic is opaque to the laser and non-reflective. However, copper, brass, and to a lesser extent silver, are all highly IR reflective and should not be used in the laser without surface treatment to prevent reflections back into the head.
Mirrored acrylic doesn’t need to by masked or cut in a certain orientation to protect the laser.


Hey! I was just making mirror acrylic earrings yesterday and this happened on the first try.

Here’s my new procedure:

  1. flip (mirror) your design
  2. lay acrylic mirror down!
  3. mask the mirrored side, even though it is down

I cut using the “Blue Medium Acrylic” GF material setting.
These are super cute! Do you have an IG for your work? Mine is @meredithmakesstuff
Good luck!


Hi! Tysm for the tip!! I’ll def try it out.
My instagram is @kgf_jewelry, i’ll check yours out! (:

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The bed plate causes flashback burns when the laser beam passes over the metal grate when cutting through material. This will cause those burn marks in the material. Mask bottom side of the material to prevent flashback burns.

I just got some mirror and cut it from the back ( the grey side) abs masked both sides with transfer paper. Worked great!