Mirror and a mirror


Finally got around to using this mirror acrylic I’ve had for a while with proofgrade maple. Snazzy snazzy!!!




“Wow” - Owen Wilson

Really cool project!






Very pretty! :grinning:


Lovely! These would be great as window hangers with some colored acrylic in the center instead of a mirror. hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge (I know a guy who would love to do that if the files are for sale or available.)


Oh gosh, what gorgeous pieces!


OMG this is GOR-GEE-US!!! Would you mind explaining what settings you used on the mirror? Where did you get the mirror acrylic (didn’t see it in the GF store)? I think I have come up with a mom and a future MIL Christmas present with your idea!!

Please say it isn’t from Inventables (2 sided and VERY expensive) — don’t think I need 2 sided mirror for that kind of design.


Try estreet plastics. They have a huge variety of inexpensive mirrored acrylic.


Great! And nice photos too!


Thank you! I googled their name and there are quite a few discount coupons out there, plus their website has coupons (and on a $20 purchase of their mirror product $1 savings) estreetplastics coupons

I like the fact that they sell sample chips! Some of the things we make require certain shades — so that is important. I called Inventables today and they said they don’t make sample chips any longer.


Thanks …and yes its from inventables but only one sided. Didnt think it was that pricey but got it with my store credit. And as for the settings just used the med acrylic proof grade, which I use for most acrylic. Works really well.


Is this what you got? Mirrored acrylic sheet

I am going to try to design something as this is absolutely beautiful. How thick is the PG wood? I might even make fiance’s grandmother one of these.