Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...well, in my Glowforge... Part 2

I have, in the past, hit the front of the mirror, but I was thinking a different challenge. Enter engraving the reflective surface off the BACK of a mirror…then recoloring…




Then I taped the front off insanely, and added some spray paint over the back. After removing the tape, it has given me an artwork that I’m planning to display in my place.



Nice! Real glass mirror or acrylic? :sunglasses:

Real glass. This one happens to be a 10" round from Michael’s. I did several low power, high LPI passes to remove the backing without etching the glass itself.


Nice effect!

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Will there be a wooden frame?

Probably just some kind of hanger for the wall, or a plate holder for display. Depends on if I will hang it or display on a flat surface. With 2 cats, I will probably work out to hang it.

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The crazy thing was that I couldn’t find my black spray paint. I searched everywhere. I finally gave up and bought an extra can. The next day, I found my black. The worst part is that I searched that spot a half dozen times. I literally would have had to lay hands on that can 4-6 times as I searched through the stuff immediately under it.


Now for many of the crazy things I’ve done, I’d like to say not to try it as I’m a professional. The truth, though, is that I’m a rank amateur with a really good insurance policy.

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Looks amazing!

Happens to me with tape :slight_smile: Great job and thanks for the info!

Great result! :sunglasses:
For hanging, I like to use 3M command stickers with a French cleat kind of setup. No damage to the wall or artwork. Applied to a clean surface they are quite strong.

With two small cleats on the back, and the “wall side” of the stickers peeled, just push the mirror on the wall, then lift off the mirror and put good pressure on the wall pieces of the cleats to ensure adhesion. Hang mirror back and done.

I use two pieces of medium (1/8") scrap glued together to form half of a cleat. This suspends the piece off the wall slightly, and is aesthetically pleasing.
To remove the cleats from the wall you just pull down the tab as directed and it will stretch and release without pulling any paint. I love those things. We use them for hanging 5 lb. Christmas stockings, for hanging car keys and hanging shower brushes on the tile.


@jules teaser… more to come.



Something tells me I’m gonna squeeee! :smile:

@jules squeee alert. Uncontrolled squees in 4 minutes.

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Ok, @jules, squee away.


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :smile::hedgehog::hedgehog::hedgehog::hedgehog::hedgehog:
Well that’s just adorable!

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I had to tease my hedgie coworker with the potential, and she fell in love with that specific image. Then I had to tease with process pics. This one is going to be a profit. She always pays above asking price.


Well it’s cute as can be…and I like the black paint backing…really makes it pop. :sunglasses::+1:

It does, definitely a favorite trick.

Best bit, image is royalty-free, etc. Here you go for your own.


And Zip, if you prefer.

Hedgie_Mirror.zip (65.8 KB)