Mirror, Mirror, on the...well, in my Glowforge

So, started with a couple mirror candle stands from the dollar store. (I can’t go there now without seeing :glowforge: everywhere.) I masked with wet paper towel. I’m still dialing this in as my first print, the towel dried out too fast under laser and air assist (don’t wring it out). The second was too wet or at bad settings.

The laser tube is something to watch during engraves, almost hypnotic.

Engraving a mirror gives some interesting visual effects when the laser hits the glass. The spot where the laser hits also gets quite bright.

Mirrors take a while because of the slower speed required to make a good mark.

Round 1: Not perfect, but quite nice.


Round 2: Lots of bubbling in the glass. I might be able to clean this up in post processing, but not as good as first try.



Like the ouroboros too! :sunglasses::+1:


Yes, but he didn’t etch clean. I’m hoping I can salvage it with a little effort.


Pretty impressive.
18 months ago I resigned myself to expect no results with glass and even worse with mirrors.
“Just don’t even try” was the impression.

I have had good results on glass, and your mirror looks great.

This is a clear unadvertised bonus, reflecting a great addition of capabilities.


My cleanup plan was wire brush (brass bristles) under running water. It is working, though slowly.


Nice projects–engraving on glass opens up some really interesting home decor ideas.

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Wow. Simply wow.

Maybe I am wrong, but doing this kinda scares me a little. Is it a potential issue for the laser to reflect back into the lens and cause damage?

Otherwise cool project!

According to the sciences(and no one has countered), the Glass is opaque to this wavelength of infrared. It gets absorbed like wood or acrylics instead of reflected.

Edited to move the comparison so as to be less confusing.


So you’re telling me that my full body mirror coat won’t reflect my enemies’ laser beams and make they kill themselves???
I’ve been tricked!

Well… I still can wear it on Saturday night at the disco! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It will if their lasers are in the visible light spectrum or near IR but not far IR from a CO2 laser. The wavelength is more than 10 times greater than visible light and it behaves very differently.


Can I ask what settings you use for the mirrors? I bought some at hobby lobby thought I would try

All settings information for non-Proofgrade material has to be kept in the Beyond the Manual section for legal reasons. If you want to find out settings people have used for example “mirror” , use the search button along with the word “settings” to see the various settings people have used…