Mirrored acrylic in canada

Glowforgers in canada, can anyone help me out finding mirrored acrylic in canada? I need it for a project and prefer to have a canadian source in case someone likes it and wants to buy them.

edit: plain and gold mirror esspecially

Don’t know about international sales.
As to sources, I have been using these folks out of Salt Lake.

Shipping is fast and packaged well plus prices are better than any others I have used. (enough lower that it may overcome any import fees).

Might be worth asking if they can get it to Canada at a reasonable rate.


Where are you in Canada? I have a local source for acrylic in Ottawa (Canus Plastics). I’m not sure if they carry mirrored acrylic or not, and I don’t think they have an online store.

You might have a plastic store in your town as well.

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I do but they require full sheet orders for stuff they don’t usually carry so it limits how useful they are.

I am local enough, so I go through their scrap pile every month or so.
I’m very happy with Delvie’s quality, and their in-person customer service. I’d expect the same from their general customer service.

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Try Trotech



Interesting company.
Branches in a dozen countries. Sure fire way to avoid those pesky import issues, since local sales are everywhere.

Yeah, I heard about them when one of our makerspaces got a Trotech laser cutter - from what I understand they started out making rubber stamps with lasers, built their own lasers, sold their lasers, then expanded into laser materials :slight_smile:

Yea i order most of my materials through them already. No dice on mirrored acrylic

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