Missing my Glowforge!

We already had a 2-week trip scheduled when I got my GF, so I had to tell it goodbye before any of the shiny was worn off!

Meanwhile my dad had a craft project waiting for me. He read an article about making bracelets from copper tubing, and wanted me to try it, so today we trekked up to his giant workshop building to give it a try.

I had a flash of insight: It’s no wonder I’ve never been able to measure up to my mom’s housekeeping standards—I inherited my skills from my dad!!!

This is just one small corner…I don’t know the SF but it’s got 3 RV-sized garage doors down the length of it. I think if you looked long enough, you could find just about anything in there.

Except a Glowforge. sigh

Anyway, I’m calling the experiment a success. I still need to do some polishing, but I like how they turned out!

Okay, now I need all of you to go make cool things on your GFs and post them so I can live vicariously until I can get back to mine.

What are you waiting for? Go!


That garage would be heaven for me. Lots of cool stuff. My detached garage looks slightly more organized but not much. Keep waiting for Spring to get out there and rearrange. Then Spring comes and it’s too nice to be inside.


Oooh! Looks cozy! (And the bracelets are cool.) :grinning:


Very cool copper work—love the texture!

Yes ma’am. Actually I’m working on something right now but one of the parts I ordered for it has ended up in Alaska instead of the Midwest where I live, so there will be a short delay.


You’ve still got time. Dad is 82. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! He didn’t have the right kind of chisels/punches so I just ended up beating on them with hammers, but using a ball peen added a lot of interest. :slight_smile:

Alaska, Kansas…I suppose it could be a little confusing. :wink:


Thanks for posting the shop photos! That looks like my workspace in mid-project. :wink:


Glad you were able to try out the bracelets while you’re away from your Glowforge. They turned out great!


Judging from the picture, I’ll bet he would enjoy exploring the ability of your laser!
Nice work pushing that copper around :+1:


He’s feigning only mild interest, because he’s 82 (but looks/acts younger than most 60yos!) and thinks he already has more projects than he thinks he can manage, but I’m betting if he saw one in action he’d be all over it. @timjedwards and I got a good portion of our “make things” genes from him, after all. :wink:


I spent some more time today digging around in the shop and finding different stuff to bang against the copper tubing. I also found some steel wool, so I was able to put a little bit of a shine on them. When I get them home I’ll put some serious work into patinas and polish and finding the right kind of sealant or whatever you put on copper when stuff you touch tends to tarnish before your eyes (another thing I inherited from my dad – Mom calls it “the touch of rust”).


Be thinking about cutting out some acrylic shapes to use for impressions. :star_struck:

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