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Wanted to do some kerf testing and take a crack at some acrylic.

(Didn’t use the Proofgrade acrylic for this - I’m saving that for something else. The wood is a 1/4" Birch ply from Lowe’s. )


That’s our company logo - I made a little mirrored…uhhhhhm…thing, to sit on my desk and remind me of where I work. (No idea what to call it. ROFL!)


I had picked up a box (or two) of mirrored acrylic scraps based on a recommendation from someone here in the forum…it was a while ago, and naturally, I can’t find it now. :confused:

(Personally don’t care for the smell from burning acrylic, and this stuff really was smelly - definitely a point in favor of picking up the filter for this thing.)

To prep the mirrored acrylic scraps for burning, I removed the clear plastic film that came on them, and applied a paper masking tape that I picked up from SignWarehouse. (Front and back - I’ve gotten spoiled by the Proofgrade stuff. Didn’t bother with a mask on the wood, so it got a little smoky looking.)

It cut like “buttah” using the Proofgrade settings for acrylic. (Just in case anyone was curious.) :slight_smile:

But what I really wanted to pass on, was how I got the slew of tiny pieces of waste acrylic from the cut, off of the grid without dropping all of them down through the little holes…it was as easy as applying a used piece of paper masking tape over the top, pressing it down evenly, and then picking everything up. The paper tape sticks very well to other paper tape, and it mostly lifted off in one piece.

(Truth in advertising: I missed 4 tiny slivers, but that was a heck of a lot better than dozens and dozens.)

The kerf adjustments I included into the file worked just fine…press fit and no glue necessary.
(I think it will look better in Walnut Proofgrade though, so I plan to recut the frame.)

There was a different measured kerf on the acrylic and the wood, so two test cuts and measurements were required for the different materials.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 11th, 2017

Wow, just wow.


Wonderful work. I can’t believe the delicate cuts in the acrylic map.


Thank you kindly! :relaxed:


Very nice. Love the mirrored acrylic effect. Looks like something out of the movies.


@Jules that is amazing looking. I actually like the smoky appearance on the wood, gives it some character to contrast with the hyper-smooth mirror on the acrylic.

BTW for smell, try setting about a square foot on fire of 1/4", even with dual exhaust ducts… My clothes took 2 washes for that smell to come out…

For my job I think I need one that says “TMI”, which I could whip out when someone tells me details I just don’t need to know…


Oh, I can’t even imagine:confounded:

I was wearing one of those little medical masks when i opened the cover - (oddly enough, you can’t really smell it while the exhaust fans are running, but opening the lid you definitely pick it up) - but those don’t work so well for smells.


haha, believe me I know what smells those block and which they don’t… Actually the N95 masks do much better at keeping smells out (those are the masks we use to prevent inhaling TB) as the mesh is way, way thicker and tighter. The regular surgical masks don’t protect you except from the largest droplets (like coughed out flu particles), and are worn in the OR to protect the patient from us sneezing/coughing/breathing…


Oh @jules, I just love this! Perfect combination of the two materials. Droolworthy!


Thanks! :smiley:
(i actually wasn’t that happy with it and wasn’t going to show it yet…I think the wood needs to be darker.)


you could stain it - 2 minute swab with a q-tip :slight_smile:


Now that’s a good idea! Might even have some old stain around here somewhere…I think most of it is golden oak though… :smiley:


Don’t show to others in the company… The orders will stack up! :hedgie::squeeee::glowforge:


Is anybody else having trouble with clicking on some of the normally accessible buttons on the forum today? Or is my mouse acting up?

(aka: I’ve gotten infected from something…Chrome has been pushing an update that I haven’t installed…I wonder if the damn thing is hung up?)


remember that game controller somebody wanted to make. We were worried about the small detail on the back side. This cut shows that it isn’t a problem.
Very nice.


Love this! Another inspiring piece for when I get my GF. Really looking forward to making pieces like this for logo design clients. This will definitely take the “value-added” to a whole 'nother level. Thanks for sharing!


What a beautiful piece! I am so impressed.


@Jules, that looks so nice. I especially like the detail in the acrylic and the way it fits into the wooden frame. Beautiful work. :grinning:


Thanks very much guys! :relaxed:


Man o man…this is just a gorgeous example…I love it. I can hardly wait!