Model 3 vs. Glowforge


I’m on my 4th Toyota Tacoma. Told them if they don’t get some better colors I’ll have to go elsewhere next time, ‘cause I’ve used up all the good ones. I don’t really want to have to find something else, though; I’m happy with that model. I wonder what it costs to wrap a truck…


I’ve had a few Tacoma’s. Great trucks. My sister just traded in the 2002 that I gave her and her husband, and still managed to get 5k out of it. Now, I enjoy the 15mpg of its 4x4 V8 big brother. Sorry EV owners :slight_smile:


we in the Frontier family will gladly take you if you decide to come over to the dark side. i was really torn before i bought my 2007 frontier between that and the tacoma. the fronty has been a really solid truck going on 11 years.


If you don’t like cars in general Tesla has a long term goal for you, they ultimately want the cars to be fully self driving and then you can rent them out while you are at work, etc. That will reduce the number of people who need to own cars at all.

Assuming legislation can keep up, you might see your insurance increase if you want to drive your car yourself, and some day owning a car will be a hobby.


Chuckle! Already is for some fellows…particularly the sports cars.


No, I love cars, I’m just not triggered by what the manufacturers are offering, so I’m designing and building my own from scratch.

Already has been that way a hundred years :slight_smile: from a “full circle” frame of reference.


I’m still waiting for the flying car 12yo me was assured would be reality by the year 2000. Popular Science even had Artist Renderings of what they would look like. Yet here it is 2018, and I STILL have to find a bridge if I want to get across a river. What’s up with that???


They realized humans barely handle driving on the road without killing themselves. Taking to the air is not feasible yet (hence the autonomous work bahahaha) :slight_smile:


ahhhh to each his own! That’s what makes life great – we all like different things – thus people make a variety of things to make us happy — otherwise we would all be driving a Model T in black still. :wink:


I shudder to think of the “Jetson Era” (you do know when that was projected to be a reality, right?) … can you imagine inattentive “drivers” in the air??


This is kind of funny to me — being my fiance’ has a Prius and my son has a Tesla – driven both — much prefer the Tesla.


It’s only $3500 - $5000 more (more or less) ---- get black which doesn’t cost extra and use that $1K towards a wrap. Haven’t heard how the wraps come off as if it ruins the paint underneath or if it is like a “vinyl cling” and comes off smoothly. Don’t know anyone that has had it removed…and from what I understand the Tesla paint is somewhat different than other manufacturers – something to do with being manufactured in CA. I can’t quote the restriction or whatever made it different. Maybe someone can …


Yes, inattentive drivers wouldnt be in the air very long.

And RC quadcopter hobbyists have had to jump through hoops to occupy that 0-400ft air space, cant imagine drivers would want to be so inconvenienced.

On side side note, a flying car will never happen because safety regs on cars are more strict than aircraft and the amount of equipment required in a car means it will be too heavy to fly. However, a drive-able airplane is totally do-able. :slight_smile:


As long as they widen the lanes, or would the wings be foldable except out in the great wild west? :wink:


I grew up in the “Jetsons Age” — yeah I expected the flying cars to be a reality by the time I got “old like 20” (if I remember what I was thinking way back then"… at least we’re finally making progress…