Model Interpolation Software?

A few months before my GF showed up, I remember reading a post about some software that could make models like the following…


It allows the user to design two of the vertebrae and it would interpolate the ones in between.

I have spent over a day pouring over these forums and the internet in general and I cannot find the post or the software/website. It was a comment, not the primary topic. If anyone can point me back to that post, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Are you talking about Slicer, perhaps?


Would slicer interpolate between end points like that? Or, just break up/slice an existing 3d model into stackable cut pieces?

I’ve never used it, but maybe OP is misremembering slightly. Seems you could always start with a loft and then Slicer it.

@chris1 is correct. Slicer would be what you’re interested in. Take a solid model in, it slices for you and provides cut files for the laser.

What I’m thinking of was something that would create those 2.5D critters/skeletons. It was specifically for that. Loft and Slicer is an interesting alternative.

I played with it a little bit months ago, but I’ve replaced my PC since then and can’t find it. :frowning:

Slicer has limited formatting options. It only slices on fixed axis or radially. It would not slice along a curve like you’ve shown @esteele, with the ribs following the curve of the spine.

Perhaps you were thinking of this topic that allows interpolation between shapes in Inkscape.
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That’s a useful topic. I hadn’t read that one yet. However, that’s not it either. This wasn’t a function of one of our commonly used tools. It’s functionality was somewhat limited, but focused only on generating the those kinds of models. It had a 3D WYSIWYG front end.

Don’t spend a lot of time on this. It was one of those things that you either caught it or you didn’t. For some reason, I’m thinking it was a web-site.



Thank you!

I knew I wasn’t crazy! At least not about that. :wink:

Yes, I’ve been waiting about two years to try out that software. Thanks for asking the question to get that memory to the front of my brain.

I know what you mean. I don’t have any particular project in mind. I just know that I want to try this 2.5D method of designing and see what I can come up with.