Moderat "Reminder" Album Cover Acrylic Inlay

Completed a two-color inlay design from the cover of Moderat’s Reminder EP.

Material: 3mm acrylic sourced from Tap Plastics
Dimensions: 23cm x 23cm
Offset Path: 0.0625mm
Total Cut Time: ~12 mins
Notes: Assembled and applied cement prior to removing masking and this ensured a very clean final look with minimal glue seepage. I also cut the outer piece face down (mirrored) so that the two colors would join together very tight. Assembly was pretty hard at this scale because the little shapes around the eyes were very small so it was a bit like playing Operation on hard-mode. The artwork came from this image and I used Illustrator to trace and do all the adjustment and prep work for the cuts. Most of the design time was spent making sure that I was applying the offsets and ordering the cuts properly.

Chose to go with transparent acrylic and I’m very glad I did! Light shining through the piece makes for very strong vibrant colors and emphasizes the highlights.

By selecting the neon yellow I also get glow under UV for free :slight_smile:

Give the track a listen on Youtube


Acrylic is my very favorite material, so it goes without saying how much I love seeing what you did here. Being able to ‘inlay’ other colors/shapes into acrylic has been one of my favorite quests. Great job!

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Looks amazing! Very well done

This is excellent.

I think your offset value may be off by a decimal point? .0625 seems very large.

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I think it is 0.0625mm, not 0.0625"

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Ah, so 0.0024 inches. That makes much more sense.


Agree. The material dimensions (length/width “23cm x 23cm”) are in cm which suggests the darkside measurement system is used by the OP :slight_smile:


Great job on it!

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correct! all measurements in metric

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thank you. Acrylic is quickly becoming a favorite medium to work with. Its a material that was out of reach without a laser. Now it seems like a door has opened to a creative space that is completely unexplored in my mind.


Great job assembling without any glue mishaps.

That’s beautifully done - especially with all those tiny bits! That look when it’s glowing is fabulous, and disturbing

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that inlay turned out stunning

Just realized I never replied to this. Probably because it’s so damn mesmerizing!!!
The colors are stunning. The inlay work appears perfect!