Modern Plywood Wine Rack with Glowforge Cameo

Hey everybody!
I just completed a project and video for my YouTube channel. I made a modern, wall-hanging wine rack out of a single sheet of plywood.

But something went wrong. Spoiler: the forstner bit jumped out of one of the holes and chewed up the surface of the last piece of plywood I had not messed up. (This project was a doozy). So, I was able to use the Glowforge like I always envisioned…as part of a larger project or when needed. I like the projects that are just made on the Glowforge, but I also like being able to use the Glowforge to solve a problem.

I printed a ring out of walnut plywood, and put it over the spot that the bit chewed up. I think it turned into a nice design element.

Here’s the video if you want to watch:

And some photos:





Turned out fabulous! Love the colored holes (and the sound effects when placing cubes.) :smile:


The first bit of stop motion where it was moving like a snake…my 7 year old son made those noises. It was fun recording that with him. He was really proud. Thanks for the kind words!


Nice project! Looks great!

Creative video as well!


Thank you!

What a nice rack! Even includes the glasses.


Thanks so much! Yeah, I made it where you could put 6 large glasses on there. The ones I had on the top row were extra large, red wine glasses.