Modified Ear Savers


I have posted this on “Made on Glowforge” but would like to share the file. A new comer here, so please let me know if this is not the right way to do things.

Signed up for the volunteer program to print ear savers, and while waiting to be matched to a request, I created a smaller version of the ear saver that allows 95 pieces to be printed on a sheet of acrylic.

Ear Saver


Nice optimizing!

Thanks! Are you able to see and download the file I shared?

It’s there but many people would not know how to download it as you placed the design way off the workspace so it appears as blank space.

You can put it in a zip, or add a link to it like this:
Click here

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Ear Saver


What size acrylic? does it have to be 1/8"

I would say yes, because they need some flexibility and 1/4 inch would be too rigid.

Thank you. I found a supplier on e bvb at. Should be here Saturday…all sold out everywhere else

Hi Aloha
Can I please get the file
First time to use my Glowforge


just right click on the design and save the svg file…

This is so very nice of you. Thank you. I’m new too and boy is my head spinning trying to figure this out. :smile:

Great job! Did you engrave, score or cut out the hearts? I think if you cut them out it would give it more flexibility.

Hi! Thanks! I scored the internal patterns. Don’t think cutting out the hearts would increase flexibility because of the thickness. I ended up heat bending them because the curve makes them way more comfortable to wear.

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Thanks for this. The feedback we’ve received is that some folks need longer clips. I’m working on wrangling that…

How big of a sheet of acrylic?

I was able to find some at estreetplastics. I do not believe they have cast acrylic, but I believe what they have will work.

Nice work @roygoh !

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Hi James, the file is designed for standard 12"x20" medium acrylic from Glowforge.

Hello, I am brand new to Glowforge. My machine just arrived Thursday, I love your ear saver
File. Would you mind explaining how to download or get in it into the glowforge program to cut?
Thank you. - Meghannn

Click on the file. Save it. Upload in Glowforge design library.