Modular furniture on kickstarter



I just stumbled upon this and I think it`s brilliant.


I agree that it’s brilliant, but $1,125? Ouch. Fantastic design, though. It’s like Lego furniture.


I have to wonder a little whether they have the tensile strength dialed in for non-waif types. Having blown out some bent-laminated furniture in my time. But it sure is beautiful.


Maybe there will be a forged steel version too. :slight_smile:


1/4" at a time that would take a little while to build, but, pretty impressive design.


Time to pull out the 3d printer

…the addition one, not the subtractive one.


Its an extrusion, which usually are pretty cheap to make.
I priced dies for Aluminum extrusions and they were in the few hundred dollar range depending on complexity.
You then buy the aluminum extrusions by weight, was pretty cheap too.

But a very cool idea.


It looks like it could be an aluminum extrusion, but this is made of wood for some reason.

I think I’ll save my money. :confused:


That seems well within the realm of laser cutting. and if you had solidwork or another parametric modeler, the different profiles would be a snap.

This would be fun to play with for an afternoon for sure


I dunno…I can imagine it grabbing and yanking out leg / arm hairs…

YEOWCH!! :scream:


Whoa. That’s rad! Pricey, but very cool