Modular Sharpie/Pen Caddy

Hello and thank you for replying. I went ahead and used the design as is and although loose, it worked as needed. Thank you kindly but I respectfully withdraw the request. I am trying hard to understand Inkscape well enough to tweak lines, scale, etc. Sorry for the trouble.



THANK YOU for sharing your great design. for some reason, between downloading the file, opening it in AI and uploading to GF, the whole scale reduced. I eye-balled enlarging it in GF so the overall layout was the same as what I was seeing in AI, and it miraculously worked. I just assembled this for my daughter for Christmas.


Welcome to glowforge forum!
I just wanted to say I’m learning inkscape too. I understand your question.
I hate it when people make rude comments. Ignore him!

That’s rad

Thank you kindly for the welcome. :slight_smile:

This is great but I think I need one for about 450 sharpies… hahahaha… I have a serious pen/pencils/sharpie addiction… here are just a few… .there are many many more


Perfect, stackable, organization. Ahhhhh, heaven. :slight_smile: Thanks so much for sharing!


Thanks so much for this design. It fits together perfectly. Took me a bit to figure out how to put it together, but when I got it I was like duhhhh…thanks again.

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Love the design and the fact that it can just constantly be added too!. Thanks for sharing!

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that looks awesome!!

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