Modular Sharpie/Pen Caddy

Hi folks,
Tonight’s project was a home for my Sharpie collection. These racks are modular so you can expand them as needed. They can be used horizontally or vertically, and are intended for markers like Sharpies that are meant to be stored horizontally so the tips don’t dry out.

This is designed for 1/8" draftboard or Baltic birch. It’s kerf-adjusted for a very snug fit (I hate glue and love rubber mallets), so try a test fit of two smaller pieces before you commit to an entire sheet.

The design below is for two shelves. Each rack holds 10 pens and measures 1" tall, 4" deep, and 7" across. (3.4 KB)

Be sure to set the part numbers to Score, or Ignore. I recommend assembling the components in the order they’re numbered: assemble the sides and racks first, then fit that frame into a shelf, and the next shelf on top. Stay consistent about the orientation of the tabs (two tabs down, one tab up) so you can add more shelves if desired.


Oh, a huge thank you to @evansd2 for the single-stroke part labels!


Hmm. I tried to upload the SVG, but didn’t get a thumbnail or preview image from it.
I’ve uploaded a ZIP file for now, but how did I botch the SVG preview?

The forum software can do funny things with the files, depending on the size, number/placement of items, etc. In your case, it appears that because of the weird size of the workspace, it used those dimensions for the thumbnail - 17x8 pixels. It was there, you just couldn’t tell unless you looked really closely!

You can correct that by manually editing that part of the link - I made it 170x80 so now it’s a lot easier to see:



Aha! Thank you!

Nice. It has a kinda Frank Lloyd Wright look to it.


Thank you! Great design and something I never thought about needing before & will help reduce how many Sharpies I keep having to replace!


Great design! I hate glue as well. LOL


Love that you made it expandable! Thank you very much!

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I am a shameless enabler of my fellow Sharpie addicts. :laughing:


is there a way to edit this file so that I can use 1/4’’ board?

Yes. Open the file in the design app of your choosing, and adjust the side of the slots and tabs as necessary.

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@brinamgsantos, I’m completely out of 1/4" materials so I haven’t been able to test this, but I think it should do the trick for you.


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thank youuu :slight_smile:

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thank you! I can really use this to help get me organized!

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Thank you!! Works great!!

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Thank you for sharing this!

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@Doppler Great design! Any chance you could adjust for 2.7mm (.106") Utility panel ply? I picked up the 2.7mm cheap and it works great for items like this, but being a non-standard size I have to try and tweak every design which is difficult. If I simply scale it down to 85 percent then the sharpie holes will be too small. :slight_smile:

-Kind regards, William

If you choose to use non-standard material, you need to learn how to do it yourself.

Asking people who have already been generous enough to share their work to do it for you is inappropriate.

Shooting down someone for their first forum post is also inappropriate. A polite no would have been fine. I am learning as are most people in the forum. A request for a 1/4" version was asked for above which is why I asked as well. No is good enough. Perhaps a class in politeness is in order. You can learn that on your own too.

Good evening


Hi William,
My dance card is pretty full for the next few weeks, but if you’re not in a hurry, I could take a stab at it when the craziness subsides.

Learning to adjust the slots yourself is an essential skill, though, especially if you use nonstandard materials, so give some consideration to tackling that someday. The learning curve isn’t too steep and it will open a lot of doors for you!

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