Moleskine Cover


Here’s some photos of a moleskine cover my wife made with my pattern.

Leather is 6-7 oz. cut and engraved on the GF. Then dyed red with Fiebing leather dye. The white parts are acrylic paint. Then oiled and stitched together using white thread.


I needed a quick present for a niece and, kind of wanted to try saddle stitching after seeing everyone here talking about it. I was able to adapt @jiva 's design to fit an inexpensive sketchbook of the same general size.

This is a “throw some art on it” rough draft but, I like how it came out enough that I am likely to do more.

I used the Saddle synthetic leather from Johnson. Engrave and cut was quick and easy once I got the settings sorted.


Nice work! How did you do the design on the leather? Is it painted or engraved?


That’s just engraved. The black Saddle stuff engraves to a metallic silver (like the way two-color acrylic works). They also have a couple shades of brown that engrave to contrasting shades. Makes things quick and easy.


I may have to look into that material. I LOVE the silver on Black look


Oooh, goody! I just ordered some of that. Had I known it worked that nicely, I would have padded my order a bit more – I thought about it, to make up for the flat rate shipping, but didn’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff I couldn’t use, if it turned out not to be so great. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


OK- I know I disappeared from this conversation, but when I procrastinate on my Grad School homework, I go all the way. Here’s my first try at the notebook that was uploaded to the catalog and only the third thing I’ve done on my Glowforge. I ordered 5-6 oz veg tanned leather from Rocky Mountain leather, put blue painter’s tape on to mask it, then burned the design.

I filled in the Seal of Rassilon (yeah, I’m a major Whovian) with silver Eco-Flo, waited for it to dry and peeled off the masking. I’ll start sewing it up tomorrow, because I’m too excited and I’m going to do a modification on the design Annie posted above before I sleep tonight.

I have found my Glowforge calling, working with leather. I AM SO EXCITED, I can barely STAND IT. (Everyone in my house has already gone to bed, so forgive the giddy remarks, because there’s no one to share it all with right now.)