Moms 75th party invitations

So happy how this turned out.

Black cardstock for the outside of the invitation, metallic gold cardstock for the program ( cut by hand cause the forge would not cut the metallic color, I tried lol) 1.5 satin aqua ribbon, black ostrage feather and gold glitter acrylic with black acrylic paint.


That is fantabulous! (yes i made up that word) The flair is so glamorous!

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Thanks love your word :joy:

Gorgeous gate-fold! That will be one heck of a party! (Are you going to do a cake topper?) :grinning:

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Wow. Very elegant.


That is stunning.


Jules remember I already posted the pic of it a wile back

also center pieces with 8.5” lanterns with old pics


Elegance defined.


No, I had forgotten…it looks fabulous! And the centerpieces are a knock-out. :grinning:

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Thanks :joy:

What power/speed settings did you use on the cardstock? It looks fantastic!!

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For this particular one I use 280/43 I normally use for most of my cardstock 300/40 or 300/45


Wow, fantastic! I’m guessing she loved all these lasered goodies.

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She don´t even know yet that i´m going to trow a party for her, she lives in Aruba and that´s where i´m from so it will be a surprise till I get over their and let her know about it lol


Beautiful turn out!

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Lovely! The level of artistry in the cards are befitting of such an occasion. Your mom will be thrilled. (And, she get bragging rights of the beautiful things her baby can make). Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

how did you hold the card down in the glowforge ?

Wow! Gorgeous! What’s your process for photos in the back-lite acrylic? I have been struggling to process members of my family who bear the same complexion. :sunglasses:

I use velum the color I use was pastel yellow but on the photo after changing them to grey I made sure to bring down shadows or darker areas lighter. I also did a duo tone to them to give them that old look. After that brought down the opacity to like a 80%

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I have a Seklema mat and also magnet blocks that no matter what put them on the corners