Mom's Christmas Present

So I wanted to share a Christmas Present I made my mom. I just received my GlowForge about 10 days ago and this was always the first item I wanted to do with it. My Zio (uncle) Pasquale made this over 20 years ago and has been gone almost that long. It had broken up a little, so I decided to recreate it. I used proof grade maple (wanted larger and use passthrough, but couldn’t find) and mirrored acrylic from inventables. I’m uploading my image, as well as the original I worked off of. The original is about 23" across.


I’m usually posting on facebook groups, but figured I needed to share this here as I use this forum so much as well.


Awesome reproduction. I’ll bet she was thrilled with it!

I like your forum handle too. :wink:


it is a nice handle, but where the heck did he get the idea for it?


That’s nice.

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Very nice, a thoughtful gift. :sunglasses:
Thank you for sharing your work here with us!

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Was watching Hemlock Grove and thought I liked it :slight_smile:

So thoughtful. What a wonderful way to commemorate the original!

Lovely gift! :slightly_smiling_face: