$Money Maker$ - Office & Conference Room Signage

One of the occupants wanted to renumber all of the the Conference Room signage in the building they lease and I thought “Hey I could probably do that on my Glowforge and make full profit instead of paying someone else to do it and only making the mark up!” The old one is on top of the new one and I’m blown away at how easy it was. The one you see in that picture was the “Rough Draft” and I was so pleased with it that I made all of our office room signage with the same settings.

With everyone returning to work in the near future and teleworking slowly coming to an end, this simple service is going to be a HUGE money maker for independent creators. I charged our tenant $15.00 per sign which is a very friendly price for custom signage and ended up making a profit of $14.17 per sign!

I’ve done a ton of little projects for friends and family on my Glowforge, but this is the very first creation that I’ve ever sold because I just didn’t think I was “Good Enough” to sell anything yet. Obviously these creations take practice, but I had no idea just how simple it would be to sell something even though I’m still an amateur. If anyone has any questions on how I did this or what settings/material I used, ask away in the comments and I’ll let you know!


So wonderful, congratulations to you! I’m following this post in case I have any questions for you in the near future


Very professional! What material did you use?


I’d love to do this in my workplace. What materials did you use? Very professional.


Congrats! These look great! I see you tagged it “two-tone acrylic”. I would love to learn the process and settings you used. Also, did you include installation in your price? Or did someone else install them?


Congratulations! These look great!


They look very nice.


Very nice!
Where did you get the mounts?

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Hey there, thank you for the kind words. I bought the mounts through Amazon Business Prime…


Thank you :slight_smile: My process included ordering the two-tone acrylic that I wanted from TroTec. I’ll post that link in my reply to another creator above in the comments shortly. The process after that was dialing in the settings and I ended up using the following with this 1/16" two-tone material.
Material Thickness = .065"
Engraving Speed = 1000
Engraving Power = 60
Engraving Lines Per Inch = 225
Cutting Speed = 200
Cutting Power = FULL

My pricing did include installation as the brackets were already existing and I didn’t have to order them myself. I have no idea where the brackets were purchased from, but it was just a hinge set up and made installation a breeze.


Thank you! The material I used was from TroTec. I was able to set up my account and get a dedicated sales rep that I communicate with regularly. They are incredibly easy to work with and the pricing is fair and reasonable. Their website is being buggy today, but it is engraving-supplies.com


Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the details and settings!