Money to burn

Okay. Technically speaking you are correct. With the appropriate intent it is illegal. I will go and fix my post.

However, the intent of the law was to prohibit counterfeiting and fraud. Neither of those apply here. That’s why my response to @n_dawson because @evansd2 had not in fact committed a felony.


Awesome results.

Actually, while you are correct to a point, defacing currency intentionally for the purpose sole so it cannot be re-issued is also part of the law. Now, did @evansd2 intentionally do that for the sole so it cannot be re-issued, No I don’t believe he did. Again, I was just correcting a mis-statement about it being a myth…

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When I was developing this idea I ran it past a wise forum member who said that we could expect to re-open the debates about the legality of altering currency.

I knew it was coming and posted it anyway. In the words of Han Solo, “We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you.”



In my 26+ years as a bank teller, I saw every imaginable type of ‘artwork’ on US currency. Some of it was rather humorous. Changing the denomination would have been fraudulent and would have required some attention, otherwise we pulled defaced currency out of curculation as ‘mutilated’…shortened to “muts”. Worn, torn, or otherwise well-used currency was also considered as mutilated and we were required to remove it from circulation. I was the vault / commercial teller so part of my job was to send ‘muts’ back to the federal reserve once a week. Some tellers were more diligent than others in removing the bad stuff. To this day I can’t stand getting currency like that in my change…but, then I’m more OCD about it than others.

One other thing…enforcing a law that would prevent mutilation to currency is nigh on impossible to do…and doubtless a losing battle. There’s no way to track down who drew the cartoons on it anyway…and who the heck has that kind of time on their hands. :roll_eyes: :smile:


People stamping their website on it though…

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That knock at the door is the Secret Service. I wouldn’t answer it. :wink:


If you read through my posts here you can probably get a sense of my thought processes. It shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been following me that I didn’t walk into this blindly.

Before I posted this I did some investigation into the statute and found myself rummaging through the Secret Service’s website. As I kept poking around, I couldn’t help but think to myself “I wonder what watch lists I am getting on by doing this?”

So yeah, I’ve been jokingly wondering if I’m going to get a knock of some sort. I seriously doubt it, but I haven’t exactly been flying under the radar. I’ll let you know if my next post is from some secret federal prison for dollar bill bandits.

Hey look, a distraction!

Besides, this is a good necrogame target. These stamps are awesome if for no other reason that they upset less progressive types, and I thrive on their tears.


Oh I totally get it. And it’s “art” so they’d be VERY hard pressed to prosecute you anyway… let alone for a couple bucks. (AND I was kidding… even with the first comment…)

People commit copyright infringement all day every in lasering… what’s a defacement of currency here and there? :wink: LOL


Don’t tell the AFODs. They really don’t like it when you point that out.


Outstanding! Love this!

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Amazing how you were able to cut out so precisely around Washington

Measure bill.

Take photo.

Import photo to inkscape.

Scale photo to proper life size.

Draw your cut lines as you see fit.

Use a jig system of your choice.

That’s it!


You make it sound so simple. And easy.