Monogram assistance

Hi all,

I created a monogram and I am trying to make a coaster that looks like this

but this is what I am getting instead.

What am I doing wrong? any advice would be great!

Thank you,



Can you elaborate on what about your outcome isn’t right?

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You need to define the space around your letters instead of defining your letters - if you view your art in outline mode you’ll see what’s being sent to the :glowforge: and that might make visualizing the difference easier.


Take the art you made to make this, and lay it over a filled circle, then use the (in Inkscape) Path > Exclusion and it’ll delete where they both exist and leave you the remaining.


So I imported the monogram from a free monogram maker as a SVG file then clicked cut out acrylic so the letters are cut out LFK but what I want is for the letters to remain and what is around the letters to be cut out so you can actually read the letters. This way you can’t even tell what each letter has been cut out.

So I am going to sound totally inept here but I have no idea what you are talking about because I did not create the art. I just took it into a monogram maker file then I have the option to save it as different files. I am guessing that I need to save it a different way so that once I bring the file into glowforge i have different options. I may just not even be understanding this correctly.

Okay, NOW I see what’s happening. I see the monogram now and understand what you want… Does the monogram maker program you’re using have an “invert” option? (Thing is, even if you were to if you were to invert it yourself, there will be nothing to hold the letters together…)

or if you post your art here I can (probably tomorrow) run it through and invert it for you and take screenshots of the steps so you can do it yourself next time :slight_smile: I’d just recreate it, but I don’t have anything like that font!

Okay so is there a way to get a monogram that will be able to connect to the sides? Obviously there is or they are creating their own art? I will look into the program some more also to see if there are other options such a inverting. Makes sense now.