Monogram Circle-Uniting Issues

Hi Forgers! I’m struggling with uploading a file that cuts around my letters within a circle, without doing them separately. I’ve tried uniting the letters and the inner circle, but when I upload it, it cuts the letters AND the circle, but I want it to ignore the part of the circle that goes through the letters. I’ve uploaded the Adobe Illustrator file and would greatly appreciate help! I hope this makes sense, but clicking into the file, it will probably make more sense! THANK YOU!

KBD Monogram Sign-2 united letters and inner (199.6 KB)

Is this what you were looking for?
KBD Monogram Sign-2 united letters and inner circle test
Where blue are red would be cuts and green would be score lines if you wanted to show that in the outer ring. if not just set those lines to ignore in the dashboard.


Yes, that’s exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! Do you mind sharing how you did that?

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I’m not sure what the terms are called in AI but in inkscape what I did was pretty simple. I duplicated the circle and the script in the middle and used the script to cut one of the circles. which in inkcapke makes the object used to cut to disappear. then i used the un-cut circle to cut the script. and deleted the lines i did not want. I also connected some of the lines to make objects but that wasn’t really needed. Hopefully that makes sense.

Gotcha! Yeah, I’m thinking “cutting” those lines out will be what I need to do in AI. Thank you, I appreciate your help!

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Not a problem, and if you wanted to use the file i made from yours just right click on the design and save the image. then you can do what you want with it. have a good one.

Try Minus the small circle from the large to create a ring, then Unite the letters to the ring.

KBD Monogram Sign-2 united letters and inner (191.9 KB)

To get to this current state in the file I released the compound path, changed the outer circle to a different color so you could cut it last, then made all the inner portions a compound path again.