Monogramed Playing Card Box

My wife has a group of friends she meets with almost weekly to play hand and foot. Over time she has amassed quite a collection of playing card decks - and is always on the lookout for new and unique ones. Knowing this, our son found 6 decks she does not currently have as a Christmas gift, but asked my help in designing and building a box to store them in and travel with them to friend’s houses. This monogramed box is what we came up with:

The “inner” box and dividers are birch plywood, dyed and shellacked. The “outer” box is alder hardwood with walnut inlay, also shellacked. This was a fun project - I especially enjoyed the opportunity to work so closely with my son on something. It was not only a gift for his Mom, but me as well!


Nice work, that looks really classy. :slight_smile:


What a great result from your collaboration with your son. I am sure your wife will love it very much, and her friends are going to be envious.


That’s beautiful!


You did an amazing job with that inlay, and I like those unusual dividers too. The whole thing is beautifully done.


Very nice work! The inlay makes it extra special!

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