Monotile Base for fun experimenting

Started looking at this puzzle style in April

Several trials later (8… 9… ?? lost count) I got this Monotile Base puzzle to a good place. I made a few with smaller tiles, but the current size tile seems like a good compromise and maybe even larger if making this for children. Some tips if you attempt a monotile.

The puzzle frame is a must, since these do not interlock and while attempting to place a tile on one side the other edges tend to shift and move around if not grounded.

Scoring an outline on the backplane keeps the attempt sane. Just glue the cut frame onto the scored one. I made a few puzzles without the outline score and they are in the impossible realm (at least in my lifetime). Your mileage may vary but these are very frustrating without an outline guide.
Still, if you like em tough, the option is there. Just don’t score the backplane OR just cut the puzzle-frame without a backplane.

Tried some engravings but was underwhelmed, however, the color bands seem to keep it interesting.

Good prank that has been tested. Color it all white and label it Puzzle For People Who Hate Puzzles. Big hit when the person really does hate puzzles.

I was tempted to name it Puzzle For Dummies, but that seemed a bit rude.
Here is the zip containing the SVG followed by some helpful pictures. (560.7 KB)

EDIT: Also have a single line version. I liked the double burn to widen the gap a little but as pointed out, a single line version does cut down the burn time. I verified the tiles do not stick together overly much as a single line project. Enjoy
SIngle line (3.8 KB)
As listed at


Thanks for the share. I might give it a try some rainy day.


When you say “Scribe one side” are you meaning “score”?


I have a neighbor who loves to do puzzles. I’ll have to make an all-white one for her! Thanks for the share!


Thank you!


Terminology doesn’t always survive across platforms, but you grasped it without difficulty and it is explained as such in the write up, so it’s all good.


Okie dokie. Here is the solution for the single line version to stop the double cutting. I liked the larger gap. but it does increase the char factor and also cut times.
Only one frame is presented here, so if doing a scored backplane then two sessions will be needed. One for cutting and another for scoring.
Single line (3.8 KB)


Hey, thanks!