Montessori Geometry Cabinet

I got some time over the break to finally finish everything up for my take on the traditional Montessori Geometry Cabinet. It’s my biggest project yet with 21 sheets of material and it’s super sturdy when assembled. The cabinet has integrated rails that the trays slide right into, so other than the pegs for the shape pieces, everything was cut on the laser. My youngest loves to pull the trays out to use as wooden shape puzzles and the oldest has been using the shapes as hands-on aids to go along with geometry lessons. I love multi-age learning materials!


This is excellent!


This does bring back some happy memories. I loved my Montessori school years! And we did have boards similar to the ones you made. Well done!


Great project! Love the cabinet!

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These are so nice. My daughter home schools and I just cut her a fraction circle file to help teach her young children.

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As a homeschooling mom I am in love with this! <3

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Wow, great project! I’d like to see more of these education themed projects.

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Nice work! A project the kids are sure to love!

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