Moon lamp

Hi everyone we haven’t had our machine for very long and we were trying to do the moon lamp we have everything cut out except for the acrylic parts. so I’m hoping someone can help and tell me how those parts are supposed to be done since we didn’t get directions and it is loose so I’m going to have to glue some maybe you can tell me what you think is the best glue. And thank you in advance

Got a link or picture of what you’re trying to do? There are lots of things are called “moon lamp” so not sure what you’re referring to.

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Have a look at this thread: Help With Moon Lamp Design

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What is


I did look at that one but it doesn’t show what to cut for the inside piece

yes it was a free one you get in your e-mail

Go ahead and cut all four acrylic panels. Insert the two acrylic panels with the two tabs into the slots inside of the wooden panels. Then slide the two acrylic panels without slots next to the wood on the inside. They should provide additional support.

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I do not of the cut out for those, . both of my sides have the tabs on them


Help With Moon Lamp Design

Everything Else
this has the same picture that mine come out has

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Did you cut all four wood panels and stick them into the base?

You should have a separate file that has the acrylic panels in the Zip file that you downloaded. Cut those, and once you insert them, you will see that one set of the acrylic panels has two little tabs on it, and one set of acrylic panels doesn’t.

I did get all the wood ones done but I never got a zip file with this

Where did you get the moon lamp file? It was given away by Glowforge, but was not to be shared.

That’s where I got it

The original download was a zip file. It contained both of the files, one for acrylic and one for wood.

If you haven’t emptied your Recycle Bin, the original zip file might still be in there. You can do a search in the Recycle Bin for “”

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I also got the design for the moon lamp, but it seems to be missing the parts for the acrylic. Does anyone have that?

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