More acrylic weld & first inlay

Not as incredible as many works others make & share, but very happy with getting this to work! And with opaque acrylic, don’t have to be as fussy about the welding…

After getting the outline done to cut the skull & crossed bones, with original idea to add in the center of three layered acrylic so it “floats” in a window, but while waiting for more clear acrylic to arrive, decided to try this method to inlay it into the black.

I didn’t kerf adjust, so there is a small gap. And there are not PG sheets, but this black has one side is glossy and the other side textured. After my first test with glossy side up, decided to use the textured up, and like this a lot better against the skull (doen on gloss white with inked in etched areas).

(Sorry for bits of fuzz that are there–think there’s a bit of static charge on it, too).


Ooooo, really like how this came out! It has such great contrast.

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It looks great! Complex isn’t always more compelling. :slight_smile:


Skull & crossbones look fantastic.


Looks fantastic!