More animal shelter signs

I asked a couple of weeks ago if the shelter needed any more signage. The director said they could use some signs for the dog exercise yards, which are sponsored, but the sponsor

I had some inexpensive wood to play with, I had picked up a box of thin scrap boards from woodchuck. They don’t identify any of it, and I’m not even sure what this is, but I did some tests and it’s light but engraves fairly dark. About .167 thick, engraved to about .1 thick at the base.

So I’ve burned the first two of three. Still need to seal them, but I’m happy with how they turned out. One more to burn in the morning.


if anyone’s curious about the wood, it’s this box from woodpeckers.

$14, free shipping, i got a 12x12x8 box packed full of mostly 4x9 to 6x12 pieces in the 1/8 to 3/16 range, a couple of 3/8 to 1/2 thick pieces, a bunch of random 4x6 to 6x8s, and some 3x10ish strips. lots of useful stuff, most of it not fancy. but it’s a pretty good deal for $14 and if you waste a piece, it costs barely more than your time. there are a couple of pieces of what looks like walnut at the bottom and a 3x10 of something funky (in a fun way), but most was light and slightly rough.

anyway, hard to go too wrong for that much at $14 delivered to your door.


Looks like it’s up to $17.95. Definitely worth keeping an eye on, though.

The signs look great!


thanks. i guess their price could vary a bit at times. still not a bad deal at $18, but better at $14.


Good for you to make the signs for them, and I agree that’s a super deal!

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Yep, lookin’good! :grinning:

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They turned out beautifully!

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They finally started to fade, and I redid them a month or so ago in acrylic instead. Tonight is the first time I’ve been here since they hung the new ones up.