More belt holes / quarantine pounds / Health kick

Quarantine started off as a “the world is on fire” in our household with stocking up on toilet paper, bulk potato chips, and just about anything that was processed and could weather the storm.

Then, because it was around, we made it through our continually repeating Costco disaster supply of junk food.

At the end of June I was feeling it.

So I did something that I’ve never done before, I eliminated salt from my diet, and as I spent my entire life eating mainly meat and cheese, I cut that out also, and then cut out dairy and eggs and processed food.

So basically I’ve stopped eating everything that I actually enjoy…

And 20 weeks ago I started running every single morning, initially 0.8 miles, now up to 1.5 miles, which is kind of big for my life of inactivity.

So now I am down 25 pounds, and ran into another problem… my belt, which is a saddleback leather belt, and it ran out of holes.

I know there are many skilled leather workers here, but that’s not me, so I made some new holes, and it looks like the belt came this way. I’m really happy with the outcome.

Oh and I am feeling better also.

I spent so long not thinking about anything health related, living every day in my bubble of convenient reality.


Congrats - based on what’s going on in my house, my assumption was holes the other direction!


It was that way here! :slight_smile:


Congrats! That’s quite an achievement! :grinning:


Mahalo @Jules! Had to just make a decision and hit a tipping point. And need motivation to keep it going… :slight_smile:


Congrats :slight_smile: that is great news, glad you are feeling better. That is one positive outcomes that will at least come from all of this it seems, if there can be a positive… I think a lot of people out there myself included, have come to the realization that our physical and mental health needs to be in check and to be pushing to improve them on a daily basis if possible.

keep up the good work


Wow, great news. I need to take a page from your book. I never realised how active I was…until I wasn’t. I gained 20 pounds since March. I keep telling myself I’m going to run, but whenever I look outside, I see groups of maskless people and a million other obstacles that I’ve probably made up in my head. I’m spending way too much time killing boredom with internet window shopping…and some spontaneous purchases. Today my exercise trampoline was delivered. :rofl: :rofl:


Wow, well done, you! Wish I could say the same. My belt holes are also going in the wrong direction…


Congrats! That’s a huge lifestyle change. :+1:


Thank you @primal_healer @CMadok @cynd11 and @arh2

Our local news always focuses on multiple health issues as a reason for patients not surviving COVID-19. And I thought, “here I am eating my eating my way into multiple health issues, this needs to change”

We also picked up a trampoline, I think it is 5 foot with a net.

20 weeks ago I listened to a book on habits…
“The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg
(On the overdrive app)

Which very interesting, around the time I made daily running a habit. I think we can all change our minds on things as long as we are motivated enough to consider it for a moment.

I also listened to a few books on the microbiome, which I think is a real enough thing to start to respect. (and I never did before).

I never received any formal nutrition training in medschool, and just derived a convenient for my favorite food, atkins-esq like philosophy that I was clinging to because it worked for the short haul.

I am certainly not claiming that what I am doing is correct or the right way. I am probably eating a ton of pesticides now which will kill me, but more importantly I am feeling better.

I hope everyone who was in my boat reconsiders “the world is burning” philosophy I had and starts at least thinking about personal health.

And if anyone has seen another leather belt that remotely compares to the saddleback leather one I would love to hear about it :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic! There’s nothing like how you feel when you are well into a healthy journey.

We were eating more desserts than normal. Starting to get away from that, and already feel better.


this is my first foray into a health journey… :slight_smile:
I’ve done a couple of rounds of protein only in the past but never dropped this many pounds. It would be nice to convince just one person here to also take the plunge into some sort of a health kick. It’s a very hard thing to mentally want to switch into.


This guy is a member here and does wonderful belts to size:


Thank you Jules! That looks awesome! Now I need a new belt!!! :grin:


When my husband had yet another belt fall apart we went to Tandy and got the full length of leather and just made it ourselves - that belt is going strong almost a decade later! If it ever does fail, it’ll be easier to make again with the :glowforge:


That’s a great idea!

I went to their website and then started pondering how doable this would be without a pass-through slot. :slight_smile: maybe it’s time for a second laser to make the most expensive belt ever… j/k


I’ve done a long strap with a lot of folding…someone on here posted a pattern for a belt-holder, wonder if I can find it.

There it is


that’s cool! I know I could make something just based on your description. This one looks like if I was cutting through the leather there is no crumb tray. Now to figure out which piece of leather to purchase…

Chuckle! I had actually ordered a couple of belts from Andy as a gift for DH before the Glowforges existed…those lasted for well over a decade…really heavy leather. (Hubs is rough on belts.)

Picked up a couple more in 2017…they are going strong. (Not saying we can’t make our own now, but he knows what he’s doing…seemed like a good idea to just let him do it. ) :slightly_smiling_face: