More body parts

Being a Forensic Detective I’ve had my share of autopsies, our hospital had an issue with positive pressure in the morgue and odors would emanate outside the morgue into the main floor. The Justice Dept had to install a ventilation system to change that.

As to eating Sushi is a hard sell. But when you’ve got 4-5 autopsies back to back…
With all due respect it’s a necessary evil to find the truth.

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Amazingly someone donated the $2m to put in a new exhaust system so we are resuming starting this spring once OSHA signs off.

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Excellent news! It’s important work and aids in our understanding of the amazing human body. Nice you could get High School students to come. We can’t get rookies from the Academy to stay for a full autopsy…

Formalin is not an issue in my line of work, everything is relatively fresh other than for the poor souls that died alone and it took a couple of days for someone to notice they are missing… Saddest part of the job.

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You can’t possibly say that without a flashback to the opening credits of Quincy.